Challenges: If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

The 3rd of April 2016, my first time to get to the Nairobi HQ of the startup more elite than Harvard. They call it dojo, I haven’t really had a catch on how the place relates to ninjas… Well, do you ever have this feeling of being just so good with something? That is the exact feeling I had when I got the letter of invitation to the Andela boot-camp, but not for so long! Reality is that it was just the Dunning-Kruger effect.

There was the mention of Test Driven Development, I was so green to this concept. In fact, my first time to come across the Test Cases was at the proctor aptitude test. Having just engaged with the Home Study real fast, I just didn’t know how to apply TDD in real life. Funny enough, I remember one point where my code was not passing one of the tests and I literally lifted the test case code and pasted it on the solution tab then tried to run just to see what would happen. Then there I was with a bunch of errors and I was like: “Even the marking scheme doesn’t work. What is this now?”

Now, here I was just floating: feeling like a zombie, misplaced. I somehow felt like things were moving so fast and getting too hard. Then there was this magical savior, he’s called Joshua. He was just a geek, somehow too advanced, doing things that even the instructor hadn’t mentioned. I just stared at his laptop screen for a while then I felt that rush of bliss in me that rekindled my hope. Yes, I felt lost. But I knew I was found.

Asking questions, some good ones, some silly…just asking anything about everything I wanted to know about TDD. I couldn’t even get to try out my example in class, we just did his. Then later on my own, I did the classwork. It is amazing how easy TDD is, and how my belief that it was hard made almost throw a towel just on my first day.

Now, I develop test cases for my code before I write the first line of implementation. My hope almost died, but now it’s stronger. I’m optimistic.

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