Day 2: Smooth roads do not make good drivers.

Andela is not all that walk in the park. It’s just my second day on the path: almost an hour to the deadline and I still can’t access the Andelabs. Salt on injury, yesterday’s assignments I submitted late. I thought this would be the cutest thing I would ever do to my life but now I see that there is always a very slim line between cute and creepy. Has life ever pushed you to your extreme? What comes to your mind? This is the time I start thinking about the matrix. Someone tell me this is not real!!

Wait, I’m Neo!
Wake up Neo, the matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit. Knock, knock, knock Neo!

If you’ve never watched The Matrix , I highly recommend that you do! The movie is awesome. It may have different interpretations leading to a diversity of conclusions about the baseline of this movie’s story line, but for me, it’s about last hope: last hope to get what you desire.

Today, everything is not working my way. I don’t even know whether I’ll get a time extension from my LFA. It’s hard, but I have to endure…I have to make it all the way up. I am hopeful, not because all is at ease but just because hope is the last thing we should lose. Yes, last: we should stop being hopeful when we’ve stopped living!

Sleeves rolled up, belt so tight… I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion!