Day 3: The higher you go, the cooler it becomes.

Not really cool though…just comparatively, in fact it starts getting hotter at some altitude as you scale higher.

Andela, home of the coding ninjas. Today, I learnt that for you to fight and win easy, you have to train really hard. You have to prepare for you to deliver. Nothing comes on a silver platter. Input, process, output: the silently instantiated laws of nature. The OOP concepts that made me cry and shoot all sorts of questions at my code buddies in Andela boot camp yesterday came in really handy in making my day a fairer one today. Although there was this new concept of APIs, I was comfortable doing all the labs from scratch. In fact, I just realized that everything in python is just OOP implemented.

Yesterday’s work ate up a little of my today but I just didn’t get stuck there, thanks to my friends who were always there for me on slack. I had a challenge with accessing the internet though, and this was really frustrating but there was no way it was going to kill my stamina. I consumed an API that helped me query a movie database. It felt awesome, and one can do a lot with APIs! This is a topic I look forward to study more and utilizing APIs more efficiently in my future projects.

Although it was a busy day with some hiccups here and there, I am amazed at how fast I can learn things. It’s in this boot camp that I’ve been able to grasp a lot of concepts in programming in general than I have in the past few months of teaching myself how to code. It’s just my third day and I got a very good foundation on fundamental concepts in programming: from Version Control to TDD then OOP and now consuming APIs, this is amazing!

Do you know how it feels to solve challenges that seemed impossible? This feeling is great, this experience is awesome and TIA!