CNA Assignment Week #2

Lock your doors! There is a burglar on the loose

Lynchburg has been under close investigation as many late night burglaries have taken place across the town. According to News and Advance, the items that have been stolen include, but are not limited to, electronics, guns, cosmetics, and clothing items. These burglaries have been taking place since January 3, 2016.

A Lynchburg radio personality passed away

65-year-old Bob Abbott, passed away last week on Tuesday morning. Bob Abbott was a radio personality who worked various radio jobs in Lynchburg since 1976, until he chose to retire two years ago. WSET reported that even though this beloved Lynchburg radio personality passed away, his life was celebrated January 27, 2016, at Hyland Heights Baptist Church.

Cows are breaking the ice in Bedford

In Bedford County a cow walked onto what appeared to be a complete frozen pond but due to the cow’s large mass the ice broke and the cow fell in. Stockyard crewmembers helped keep the cow’s head above water and waited for the fire and rescue to pull the cow ashore. After a grueling hour the cow was rescued but later died from the huge amount of stress the cow underwent, according to WDBJ7.