Customer Service and Mobile Games (Pokémon GO)

Well, we all know about the extreme popularity of the Pokémon GO mobile game at this point, we can’t seem to get away from story after story (including this one now). Reports are scattered all over the place about how much $ it is making a day, anywhere from well over $1M a day to insane numbers of $10M a day (that’s some serious cash) (oh, and some of those reports are just for Apple devices alone)! Niantic Labs (the creator of the game) (they had help in funding and cooperation form other companies as well, of course) has apparently taken a very basic and sadly simple form of Customer Service for their smash hit game though.

I know Customer Service (and the overall Customer Experience) is not something most new companies, let alone mobile game companies even consider, but with such worldwide recognition, this should have been on par with getting the game out to the public. Their website (found here: ) has an extremely basic Support page (found here: ), that is lackluster at best.

If you’re (like me) having problems with the app the first thing you thought of was sending them a tweet (@NianticLabs on Twitter), then (like me again) you would be sadly disappointed. They appear to not answer a single question on Twitter, not one that I could find at least (but I’m OK if I’m wrong about this). If you look at any one of the tweets they send, you will see hundreds and hundreds of replies asking for help, sometimes pleading for help. Now, I get this is a free mobile game app, but people are spending their real money for in-app purchases (I know I have). Their Twitter profile doesn’t even say anything about where to get support (which for those Customer Service professionals know, is Customer Support 101). I was told by some random person on Twitter to go to their website and support page, when I did that I was just as confused and disappointed about what was there.

Recently someone had posted on Twitter (I can’t recall who specifically, sorry) but they showed a picture of a message on a store door that they “couldn’t” do something. Well, I agree, it’s not that they “couldn’t” or “can’t”, they are choosing to NOT do that. The same goes for Customer Service, if you are NOT where your customers/users/fans (whatever you choose to call them) are, then you are missing out and turning those folks off/away form your product.

I hope that Niantic Labs is fixing this or has something in place that I have not seen (please let that be the case), but from what I have observed in my own neighborhood and during every outing I have, the game is still as popular as ever, I just hope Niantic Labs steps up their Customer Support program, I think it would be in their best interest (if any of those reports about the daily amount of $ they may be making is true), to keep their customers’/users using their app or maybe even future apps and spending their money on them.

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