P.A.R. for Social Customer Service

I know, I know, this is just another list for how to do Customer Service on Social Media, well it might be, but I will leave that up to you to determine. I am very passionate about Customer Service on Social Media, I interact with as many brands as I do business with as possible via Social, even recently with questions for the WA state government (they responded very quickly and were very helpful by the way).

I had this idea this morning of what’s an easy way to look at providing Customer Service on Social Media and I came up with this:


P for Promptness in your speed of response to a customer OR another brand.

A for Acknowledge the comment or question from your customer or prospective customer or fan.

R for Resolution to the comment or question in full without scripts and injected with human emotions (don’t sound like a robot).

As in Golf, you can always be better than PAR and that is why I went with this acronym (even though my golf experience is only on the miniature side of it). You can up PAR by including your unique gifts, how you interact on Social (no robot scripts please) and by ensuring you are addressing the issue vs. skating around it. People just want to be heard, they want their comments or question to be acknowledged and resolved, sometimes quickly other times at their own pace.

Just my 2 pesos.

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