The Customer Experience matters (no matter how Big a brand or company you are)

So, I am a pretty big fan of the Seattle Seahawks (no surprise there). I have wanted to get a Justin Britt jersey for a while, but could never find it online anywhere on the Seattle Seahawks Pro Shop site. I finally decided to ask via Twitter (@SeahawksProShop) if they carried it or if I would have to custom order it. They responded pretty quickly (well done BTW) that it would unfortunately have to be a custom order, which I thought odd, but OK. So, I order it, which is where I found another odd thing, because there are drop downs to select other players (which is cool), but the price for a customer order is more than the ones they promote, even though it is a current player, but OK.

I received the standard email with my order information. What I never received was an update/email that my order had shipped (bad CX btw), which I thought odd. Well, my order finally got delivered last night in one of the typical clothing plastic delivery bag thingies. I was disappointed in that right away, I mean you are paying a pretty penny (quite a few actually) and they ship it in a basic plastic bag. When I opened the bag I found what I ordered and realized how wrinkled it was, now I get that is very trivial, but again, I am paying a premium for something and expected it to be delivered in a manner that the product would not be this way. There is a reason tech companies pay so much attention to the details of the packaging and shipping because the “experience” all matters. Maybe I am spoiled by those other experiences, but when I am dealing with a Big sports brand AND am paying a premium for a product, I am expecting a certain “experience” from them.

Bottom line, no matter how Big or small your brand or company is, all the details matter. The website, your customer support, the options in which you provide that support, options of products AND the packaging and delivery of purchased products. Do not skimp on these things, countless times I have seen reports and posts about how customers’ are willing to pay more for a better experience, well, personally I find this true for me and I’m sure many others do as well.

Now I’m off to figure out how to get the wrinkles of of my new jersey (I know it sounds easy, but for those of you that own your favorite team or players jersey, you know that’s not the case).