5 Reasons to Vote Corbyn

As Labour Leader and Prime Minister

  1. He is a decent man. Yes, it is a little novel and hard to believe, but this is the politician you have been waiting for your whole life….the one who is honest and caring, the one who has integrity, the one who listens and wants to empower the people. People are naturally attracted to this as well, so he is a great ambassador for the party.

2. He knows what he is talking about. This man has paid his dues and has more than 40 years’ experience in politics. He has lived and breathed politics all his life and worked tirelessly for his constituents and various causes. He knows his stuff. Just watch him talking on any given subject without a script. He is a real ‘safe pair of hands’.

3. He will make the Labour Party better. This is our only chance to democratise the Labour Party. On Corbyn’s watch, the party will be reformed from the ground up and members will have a real say. Members will be given the respect they deserve and things will be fair. His opponents will make sure that chance is gone forever if he is ousted.

4. He will make the country better. If we give him the chance he will make Britain a fairer, more prosperous country for everybody. He will bring to life the kind of policies that we have been crying out for for years. Look at his 10 point plan. It will improve our lives. He has inspired and mobilised hundreds of thousands of people already and that is just the start.

5. You believe in democracy. You believe that this election should not have happened and that the MPs should have accepted the democratic will of the members and united to fight the Tories after the referendum. You will not be bullied or railroaded, or let others be, because democracy did not deliver the result that a small section of the party wanted. You are standing firm.

Go in peace, keep calm and vote Corbyn. Together we are stronger x