Why You Won’t Lose Your Small Business if You Skip a Day of Social Media

The pressures of social media haunt many business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-proclaimed “social gurus”.

They haunt me too.

If you’ve ever been hard on yourself for missing a day of social posts, or you feel the stress of posting regularly, I encourage you to read on.

From pet projects, freelance accounts, and to my own personal accounts, I feel an obligation to post regularly. I am bound to my accounts and I have failed if I don’t oblige my followers with daily posts.

I’ve found myself spinning with…

“I couldn’t even post x number of times every day… All of my followers will leave, find better socialmedia-ists than myself and never come back. If I owned a successful business, I would surely lose it. It’s no use. I missed posting and now all I have left is failure.”

Cue sad piano notes.

If you haven’t been down that spiral, you will one day and my advice is…

STOP. Breathe. THINK! I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you do miss a day, or two. Take a break. It’s a real thing. Take a Social Media Break.

Social media breaks are completely okay and here’s why:

As much as you may think your followers count on your daily tweets, they likely don’t. That doesn’t mean your contribution is invaluable. It just means… your absence isn’t felt.

Are you the one to BREAK news online?

Are you Coca-Cola? Nike? McDonalds? VOGUE? Tweeting from a news station?

The social posts from your store, restaurant, A/C company, startup, or business coaching venture were not missed yesterday.


Do you scroll, glossy- eyed, in times of boredom, through Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Linkedin? Could you tell me which of your followers didn’t post today?

Will you stop supporting that person or business?

6000 tweets go out into the world every second, and each day 70 million Instagrams are filtered and 300 million photos are added to Facebook.

These are all busy, overcrowded spaces.

Now, finding the best ways to stand out and build your audience is a whole different story, for another time. If you do have time now, I recommend Why Building An Audience Is So Hard (And Why I’m Still Trying) from @Buffer to get you started.

Taking a break isn’t going to reverse all the work you’ve done. A social media siesta won’t send you and your business spiraling out of control, it may, on the contrary, give you a much-needed break and time for your next big idea.

Keep in mind I never said anything about taking every second day off, or skipping a month at a time. You need consistency overall, but small breaks every once in a while can do you some good. And knowing that it’s OKAY can relieve unnecessary stress, tension, and future disappointment.

You can even use this time to your advantage.

Have you noticed that your followers engage far less one day of the week? Take that day off, put your focus elsewhere and experiment with something else.

Didn’t post today? That’s okay. You did yesterday and the day before and the day before and you will tomorrow.

Go easy on yourself.