Andela Boot-camp — Home Day 1

Monday, not really a wonderful day, but more interesting this time. I felt so much prepared for the programming challenges on Andelab.

Andelab is an online platform used by Andela fellows to improve their programming skills. Each programming challenge has a test case that your code or implementation must pass successfully before you can submit for critique. I was able to solve the challenges, though one was terribly sickening; the “car class challenge”

i) Data Types Lab (Python)

Define a function called data_type, to take one argument. Compare and return results, based on the argument supplied to the function. Complete the test to produce the perfect function that accounts for all expectations.

  • For strings, return its length.
  • For None return string 'no value'
  • For booleans return the boolean
  • For integers return a string showing how it compares to hundred e.g. For 67 return 'less than 100' for 4034 return 'more than 100' or equal to 100 as the case may be
  • For lists return the 3rd item, or None if it doesn't exist

Check out my implementation

ii) Fizz Buzz

Create a function fizz_buzz to return 'Fizz', 'Buzz', 'FizzBuzz', or the argument it receives, all depending on the argument of the function, a number that is divisible by, 3, 5, or both 3 and 5, respectively.

When the number is not divisible by 3 or 5, the number itself should be returned.

Check out my implementation

iii) Car Class Lab (This one almost drove me nuts: Failed to pass all the tests)

You are to create a Car class that can be used to instantiate various vehicles.

It takes in arguments that depict the type, model, and name of the vehicle, provided they are set.

Check out my implementation

iv) OOP

GitHub repo containing a real-world problem modeled using OOP while taking advantage of inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and the other OOP concepts.

Check out my implementation

My head is at capacity….

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