3 Steps for Design Thinking

1. Defining the Problem

  • In the define process of design thinking you use all the ideas and information you had gathered in the Empathize stage.
  • You will take the information and ideas you gathered and analyze them, then you will synthesize them to figure out the problems you and your team have come up with.
  • Your main focus is to figure out the problem and come up with ideas that your team will use to solve the problem.

2. Ideate

  • The Ideate stage is all about brainstorming, generating as many new ideas as you can, and finding new solutions to the problem you’ve discovered.
  • In this stage you and your team members need to work as a whole to use all the brain power to discover these great ideas.
  • Processes you and your team will use include brainstorming, writing down all ideas, and figuring out worst possible ideas for the problem.
  • In the end you should have came up with enough ideas, but may want to try other techniques to analyze and test your ideas to find the best way to solve the problem or come up with a way how to.

3. Test

  • In the Test stage designers test the finalized product using the best solutions that were discovered during the Prototype stage.
  • This the final stage and designers use the results to define or find more problems that were not discovered originally. This is used to show people how people think, behave and feel about the problem and it’s solutions.
  • Even during this stage designers will continue to make changes or improvements to the solutions and ideas they have already discovered about the problem, this is done to figure out which solutions are most effective in testing.

In summary, design thinking is one of the most important tools you need to have when it comes to discovering a problem, then brainstorming an idea for a solution to that problem, then your team will design different prototypes for the solutions to the problem, and finally you will test these and discover the best solution to the problem.

Remember the five steps for solving a problem:

- Empathize

- Define

- Ideate

- Prototype

- Test

Let’s go out and help the world solve problems!

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