Here’s why self-discipline is so important: The moment you start incorporating proactivity into your life, the world will test your resolve. Emergencies will arise, demands will increase, and you’ll be tempted to fall back into unproductive, reactive behaviors.
The Definitive Guide to Understanding Proactivity and Becoming a Proactive Entrepreneur
Patrick Ewers

This is me right now. My WORD I have had so many emergency situations arise this past year that I feel as though my head is constantly spinning. I keep getting hit with situations that are “big girl” problems. And all I want to do is NOT deal with them. Because I already have a lot on my plate! I feel as though, as soon as I decided I was ready for life, ready to take it on and conquer the unknown, did heavy situations start to surface. And I am not handling them well. Discipline. It’s always been a problem. My problem. This paragraph is my today. The hardest discipline, is learning it. I feel as though I would soar if I could get a steady grip on myself. I just turned 24 this month , has anybody felt this way when they were my age? And what advice would you give me? Besides reading the rest of this article 😁 .