Agile Parenting

Jan 12, 2015 · 5 min read

Our Plan

For those of you not familiar with agile development here is what wikipedia has to say:

  1. Awesome Points
  2. AM/PM Checklists

Weekly Family Meetings

Every Sunday at 7 PM we all come together for our Family Meeting. Our kids LOVE it! Here is what a typical meeting looks like:

  1. Share your work. I let the kids pick one of the bazillion worksheets/homework/art that comes home and have them present it to the family. We then pass it around and every “looks” at it. (we do this every week — unless there is nothing impressive) This is one of my favorite parts of the meetings as I can see how proud the kids are of themselves.
  1. Building a family values statement. Since our kids are still young we are slowing working on building what our family value statement will be. We do a short exercise where everyone gives one word they would like people to think of when they see a Nucci walking down the street. We are working up to a family mission statement or family value statement that is apart of our kids so that when they are 15 walking out the door we can say — “remember our family values” and they know what is expected of them.
Example of a Life Lesson from a family meeting — which became a goal for a week or maybe two :-)

Awesome Points

We celebrate AWESOMENESS in our house!

AM/PM Checklists

The girls both have a clipboard with two sheets of paper attached, one with AM checklist items and one with PM checklist items. Since our little one is still in the early stage of reading her list has both pictures and words. Each morning the girls work through their lists and head down to the kitchen. This has made our mornings move along quickly and with little to no friction. I kept the lists very simple due to age.

Example Checklist


These small changes have had huge impacts on our family dynamic, our kids self esteem and our relationships. We will keep evolving and growing but this process will stay.


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