My first week at Pernix

A year ago, I sent an email to Carlos Sirias, CEO of Pernix, and I said to him that I would like to participate in the “Apprenticeship Program”, but he said me that was better to continue with the University and approve more courses, and later one year, I sent an email again, for ask if I would be an applicant for the program. Later one year, I applied again to the apprentice program.

They called me to an interview which I attend a couple of weeks later. I went to the interview and I past the interview, the next monday I started in the program. This first week was amazing because I had never been in a company that develop software, well I had never been in a company, this is my first “job” for say something. The people that work in Pernix is friendly and very nice (my first impression) and always they have the passion for learn and do things rigth.

My first “tasks” for do, was read a lot of things, and were interesting, something like “Slack, Kanban, Trello, Scrum” tools and methodologies that I had never seen before, but now I know to use and I have in my mind. Later of this I started the training with Angular JS, that is a framework that I will use when I start with a project, also this is new for me, but it’s awesome.

In summary this was my first week at pernix, in the next days I will be in a project for “Florida Bebidas”, and I think that will be a great experience because this project will be my first real project of my “software developer life” and I feel very happy, also because that I will learn a lot things in the process. This opportunity is like “winning the lottery” and I am extremely grateful with Carlos Sirias.

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