Top 5 Trending Technologies that Stand as Icons of Engineering for Manufacturing Services

The manufacturing industry is now a hub for a number of exciting technologies. It saw a phenomenal change in the advanced technologies that was hard to imagine a decade ago. Now speed, precision, efficiency, and performance are no more the underlying issues in the world of manufacturing.

Engineering for Manufacturing

This article presents the top 5 technologies that are an iconic representation of sophisticated technologies used in the manufacturing world.

3D Printing- After transforming the world of product design, the 3D printing technology has become a matter of discussion among the leading manufacturers. Its ability to design and create virtually everything using metal, plastic and human tissues will slowly change the way we perceive the manufacturing industry.
It greatly reduces the design-to-production time, builds a variety of machine parts to prototypes with ultimate precision and produces less waste. It is one of the most cost-effective technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT)- Manufacturing plants used to face many issues which were drastically reduced by establishing ‘interconnectivity’ among different things. The IoT is the working technology behind it. IoT takes interconnectivity to a whole new level by connecting sensors, machines and humans together and increasing the connectivity which enhances the efficiency and quickens response times.

Nanotechnology- As one of the foundational technologies for the advanced integration systems, nanotechnology offers faster processing and better memory. It operates by manipulating matter at super-molecular, molecular and atomic levels.
As of late, it is used in space programs and biotech. However, it is now deployed in the direction of manufacturing. Imagine the precision you will get by building a product at the molecular level.

Advanced Robotics- Ever heard of robotic arms replacing human hands? Well, robotics is not an unknown term in any industry. Some companies have already started implementing the idea of replacing human arms with that of the robots.
While in the West, the industries are attempting to replace human effort with robotic technology, in the China, robots are devised to complement human efforts, not replace them. No matter which side you view the robotic technology from, you cannot deny the fact that robots will play a vital role in a manufacturing industry.

Augmented Reality- Despite the failure of Google Glass, the augmented reality eyewear has enhanced potential including real-time instructions, notification, and enhanced safety features. It also reduces the requirement for on-site maintenance.
If you are looking for technologies associated with manufacturing work, go for a reputable organization that is involved in advanced Engineering For Manufacturing practices. Such companies have an online presence, so you can find them online and get in touch with them at the earliest.

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