Why existentialism, straight edge, NoFap and Stop Gaming should join forces
Julien Böker

I don't think you understand the science behind what you are saying. First of all super normal stimulus encompass everything from pornography and video games to art itself and the internet. You can not be anti “super normal stimulus” without utterly walling yourself off from society and disavowing art, which you haven't which tells me that you don't actually believe in what you think you believe in. Second of all the brain is full of chemicals, or drugs as you put them, and these drugs are essentially what make up you as a person. Dopamine is released in any number of situations and to be clear it isn't a “happiness” or “joy” chemical its a prediction error system, it can contribute to pleasure, but it isn't the chemical responsible for making you feel pleasure, not at all, physically it also contributes to your ability to move at all, so if you had no dopamine you literally would not be able to move. But I digress, calling Video Games or pornography a “drug” is inaccurate, an addiction to either can work similarly to a drug addiction because different addictions have many similarities in common but the method and context of inducement is important because your brain is doing “drugs” all the time at every moment of the day but now that you have removed any context it becomes impossible to be “drug free” since whenever you look at art or listen to music, you can say that you are “doing drugs” and lets be clear here since most people who now talk of pornography addiction fail or refuse to define what they mean by “porn” it can range from online internet pornography to semi-erotic roman statues or art that may induce a state of arousal in a person since what they are actually talking about is not necessarily videos of people going at it but in fact anything artificial that may induce a sense of sexual arousal. Thirdly Video Games effect on the brain is not the same as pornography, the layman sees “they both release dopamine therefor they are the same” but in reality there are differences between how they effect the brain that get lost in Hyperbole and fear mongering, that ignores context and detail.