August 20th, 2018 - Mission Impossible: Fallout Review

Mission Impossible: Fallout (Beginning Title)

Your mission, if you choose to accept it

A very late review to one of the best, if not the BEST movie of the summer, Mission Impossible: Fallout. I’ll be the first to admit that I have personally never watched the last five Mission Impossible movies that came out. So this review is coming from someone who came into this movie not knowing what the franchise is about. I must say that this movie was AMAZING and EPIC to the point that I can’t believe I missed out on watching the last five movies. I know for sure what I’ll be doing this week and that’s watching MI:1-MI:5. Mission Impossible: Fallout was action packed and was filled with scenes that just left you in the edge of your seat. The film also brought in emotion between the characters that showed that they weren’t just spies or agents with orders, but that they were also human beings trying to survive in the dangerous occupation that they chose to be in. So the movie brought a solid balance of action, suspense, and emotion. It’s not right to talk about a Mission Impossible movie without talking about it’s opening theme song with opening credits (that I have NEVER ever seen done in any other movie). I love how they show you a quick summary about what’s about to happen in the movie without actually showing you any spoilers. That was awesome and I can’t wait to see those opening credits in the other five movies. I have always heard the Mission Impossible theme without actually seeing it in a movie, but now that I was able to hear it in an actual movie, it made the experience 10x better. I would personally recommend everyone to go ahead and watch this movie if you haven’t already.

I am the storm. - Ethan Hunt

Tom Cruise, what a man and what a role he’s committed himself with for all these years as Ethan Hunt. Now I know I haven’t seen the previous Mission Impossible movies so I can’t speak regarding his stunts on the other films, but the stunts he filmed in this movie were mind-blowing! There were plenty of scenes were I thought to myself, “Tom Cruise must have broken a bone here, right?” From what I heard from news outlets, he personally learned to fly a helicopter for MI:6 which was shown perfectly in the movie (one of my favorite parts). There are only a few people that are destined to play their roles in show business and it’s safe to say that no one else should ever be in a Mission Impossible movie but Tom Cruise.

How many times has Hunt’s government betrayed him, disavowed him, cast him aside? How long before a man like that has had enough? - August Walker

The next character in the movie that made a huge presence would have to be Henry Cavill’s August Walker. It wasn’t long ago that the mustache that Henry Cavill had been growing for this movie created problems for the Justice League movie that came out in November. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t angry that he didn’t shave, but I was because the Justice League movie meant a lot to me. Though after watching this movie, it made sense for him to have a mustache because it gives his character that bad-ass and serious look to say that he isn’t a man that messes around. This role had to be one of Henry Cavill’s best roles, even better than when he played Superman in Man Of Steel. After seeing him here, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the next James Bond once Daniel Craig leaves the role. I believe it would be a fitting role for him to do. The rest of the cast did a great job. I feel as if I need to watch more of the previous movies to better understand the team that Ethan Hunt had with Simon Pegg’s Benji, Ving Rhames’ Luthor and Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa. I DEFINITELY need to watch the previous movies to understand who Sean Harris’ Solomon Lane is and why Ethan Hunt and Julia, played by Michelle Monaghan had to separate. I just have to briefly mention that Vanessa Kirby is SO BEAUTIFUL. Overall every character in this movie is given the spotlight in the movie and no one disappoints.

There cannot be peace without first, a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace. - Solomon Lane

Overall, Mission Impossible: Fallout gives the audience everything it wants in a film. It offers great fighting scenes, beautiful scenery, the feeling of being in the edge of your seat not know what’s going to happen next and the plot twists that just blows your mind you kind of wish you can rewind the scene and find out how it happened. I would 100% watch this movie again and I will definitely be grabbing the it once it is available for Blu Ray. As it ends it’s theatrical run, go out and watch it! You will not be disappointed. It’s time for me go ahead and watch the five Mission Impossible movies that I am missing out on.



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