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housekeeping items: CONFESSION TIME
1. i edited my last article SEVERAL TIMES. sorry for that. like i said these are baby steps ID LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY BREAKING A HABIT THAT RULES YOUR EXISTENCE. 2. (s/o to bernice & steph for the follow BUT I DON’T NEED YOUR APPROVAL)(but insecure jonathan really does thank u, from the bottom of his heart)

last thursday i sat in what i realized was my fourth last first year class of my undergrad (thanks prof. ennis for fooling all ur underlings into believing we could be psychologists). if you thought your first last first year class was lack lustre (cuz i did) this one was certainly a let down. since i can see through my psych profs’ charade, i get a lot of time to sit and think about my current predicament

a lot of my old highschool friends and some current compadres are graduating this month

i’m not graduating this spring
nor next spring
if i’m lucky, maybe the spring after ..

in my four years since graduating from CHCI with honours+IB certificates(/total bs), i’ve lived in 6 houses moved to 3 cities attended 3 post-segundo institutions where i’ve studied 4 programs and worked 13 jobs. commitment issues is putting it gently

maybe its all the idealist first years i’m taking classes with or the fb posts of all (6 of) the cameron heights alumni starting MA programs but lately ive been EXTRA self conscious about where i’m at/where i’ve been. to combat feeling inferior i’m hopping on the list-pocalypse bandwagon currently gripping the interwebs (THX BUZZFEED) and writing down some of the more poignent crap i’ve learned during my “undergrad” that others who “got it right the first time” may not have

  1. discovering your passion is a process of elimination: borderline trial and error. only really lucky jerks stumble onto their passion first try. for everyone else its like thomas edison and his stupid lightbulb. in your pursuit of your proverbial lightbulb, understand that you will leave a long trail of wires & sparks & broken glass & self hatred behind you and thats fine (o and once u find your passion u’ll fail a billion times again but cross that bridge when u get there)
  2. life outside uni/college isnt that scary: more than once ive had no intention to go back to school. so i just worked. ya sometimes just at my parents house. the value of these times isnt that i balanced my check book (WHAT EVEN IS A CHECKBOOK DOES ANY1 ACTUALLY HAV ONE?) perfectly or that I saved a crapton of money or got a grown-up job without a degree. i didnt do any of those. the value is that i realized the security and purpose that school grants you, and that life CAN & WILL go on when you no longer have it. never go back to school just cause ur scared
  3. THERE ARE WONDERFUL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE: its easy to get to a place where you’re confident you’ve discovered the greatest people on planet earth and leaving them would kill you. not trying to usurp the value of the people youve found (real talk i pray ur friendships with these ppl blossom 4evermore). but please please remember that with the right mindset you’ll find that there are more people just like these. dont ever ever let the belief that u wont find such people again stop you from going somewhere new or trying something different
  4. the quarter life crisis is a hoax: as if struggling with your identity just happens once or twice in your 20's. YOUR QUARTER LIFE IS A CRISIS. WHEN U WAKE UP IN HYSTERICS EVERY MORNING WONDERING WHO THE CRAP U R, DONT CALL IT A CRISIS CALL IT UR TWENTYSOMETHINGS AND GO ABOUT UR BUSINESS YOULL B OK

that feels kinda better idk

peace luv & eternal grooviness,


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