cookie straws

good morning chaps and ladychaps,

no breakthroughs this morning, or this week really. my sibling is successfully married and i now i’m back to my enthralling life of trying to upsell cookie straws with everyone’s frappucino ..

me: …i know it sounds like science-fiction but its got all the practicallity of a straw with the perks of a real life cookie !! if you thought the two could never reconcile their differences and work together you would be wrong sir
customer: ok i’ll buy 20 i guess
me: nice

hopefully my job isn’t jeopardized for revealing one of our company’s best jedi mind tricks. to their credit, cookie straws are legit delicious.

i’m eating one right now


otherwise i’m looking for additional summer work and its funny the job landscape feels exactly the same as it did several years ago when i first entered the underqualified arts majordemographic. i feel like our cohort would have a much better time if employers started accepting MOXIE and TENACITY as valid quals on a resume. rlly how could they not ??

if it doesn’t seem like they’re impressed i usually try and coax them by reminding them that in the movie they’ll make about me in the future, won’t they want to be remembered as the employer that gave me the job ?? at which point i’m asked kindly yet firmly to leave and i swear an oath that i’ll cast hayden christensen to play their character (at this point he’s gonna have to play 10 people)

with all that being said i’m really excited for #SUMMER2k15
i think a lot of good is going to happen
hope you all feel the same this morning

i’m rooting for you,


ps don’t be a doubting thomas & go buy a cookie straw

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