People bored and asleep in a meeting
People bored and asleep in a meeting
How no Scrum Event should feel

Too many meetings?

I’m a developer and I like Scrum. Not every developer does. A complaint I sometimes hear is the following:

We spend so much time in meetings that I don’t get around to writing code!

— A frustrated developer

If you have — or are confronted with — such a complaint, I have some tips for you to take into consideration.

Time spent on Scrum Events

How much time should a developer officially spend on meetings?

Let’s start with the facts. The November 2017 Scrum Guide is pretty explicit about Scrum Events, but the totals may not be immediately evident. I’ll start from the assumption that one works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. …

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A scrum

What is Scrum by the Book?

In every organization and in every team, I run into one or two customs that people tell me are part of “Scrum by the book”, that aren’t actually in the book. The book I’m referring to in this case is the November 2017 version of the Scrum Guide.

Shu Ha Ri: from Scrum Guide to agility

I’ve been in Scrum teams as Developer, Scrum Master and Product Owner, for various organizations for 10 years, and I’ve worked with XP for 5 years before that. Of course there are plenty of great ideas that help you become agile, or outside of that simply help you build the products your customers need more effectively. However, I’ve seen that teams can go through the Shu Ha Ri of Agile and become masters by starting out with Scrum and grow from there only once they stop messing up the Shu part, which is Scrum by the book. …

Jasper Bogers

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