Can not backup Windows 7 to shared Mac drive

Hello, I am attempting to use Windows Backup on a laptop PC with Windows 7 Ultimate Xp Compatible With Vista 64-bitinstalled/running, all the latest patches installed.I am attempting to backup this system to a shared network resource that is shared from myApple Mac Mini, OS X Mavericks (latest version)installed.I am using the latest OS X Server to create the network share, and have Zip Disk Data Recovery limited the permitted file sharing protocol to useONLY SMB to connect to this network share, though I have received the same error Wma Plug In when havingAFP AND SMB enabled for connection to this network share.The permissions on the network share appear Solution to Error: Getting an error “not connected to the internet” while trying to install Samsung Kies to be set properly, and I am correctly entering the required authentication for that network share in to the Windows Backup interface.I can browse to that network share from the Windows 7 computer without a problem.The Windows 7 computer is connected wirelessly to the network, created with an Apple Fast Solution to Error: Missing Kernel32dll In Dynamic Library Airport Extreme, and uses WPA2 authentication to the wireless network. When attempting to run Windows Backup with the network share as the backup destination, I receive the following error:0x8007054F An Internal Error occurred This error appears to be very generic, since from my research into this error, the error seems to be applied to several scenarios. One clue regarding cwefbg3hi this error is that I do NOT receive this error when backing up this Windows 7 computer to a2TB drive (all things the same on this network), also formatted as aMac OS Extended (Journaled) drive.The current 3TB drive I am attempting to Winscard dll Error backup to is installed in a brand new external USB 3.0 case, and I am able to access this hard drive both as a local hard drill down in pivot table olap [Solved] drive on the Mac Mini and Error 14258 [Anwsered] as a network resource and backup/Time Machine destination from my Macbook.The 2TB and 3TB drives are in different cases, and perhaps the SATA interface of these cases is causing this issue, but I do not think that is the issue. I believe this issue has something to do with network file sharing protocol (SMB), but I can’t exactly figure out what that Experience Indexing RAID Configurations. is.Again, I have done much research through many forums and have not Troubleshoot:1x10001c30 address error \”unable to be written\” error message on shutdown started after downloading Explorer 8 and then deleting Explorer 8. found Solution to Error: We bought a new computer with windows 7 and it is constantly freezing. How do we fix this? a specific answer.I appreciate any assistance/information that can be shared.

Keys to the Problem Can not backup Windows 7 to shared Mac drive

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Another Safe Solution to Error: Windows 8 update crash (2013–07–22) way to Repair the problem: Can not backup Windows 7 to shared Mac drive:

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1. Download SmartPCFixer . Install it on your system. Click Scan, and it will perform a scan for your computer. The junk files will be shown in the list.

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3. When the Fixing part is done, your computer has been speeded up and the errors have been removed

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