If you’re a designer, developer or even a more trendy ‘website architect’ (who knows what they do!) and you aren’t designing with your users experience in mind, then I’d question what you are doing.
User Experience — it’s a love, hate thing…
Carl Rutherford

Spot on!

Optimally UX should be integrated in all design. Unfortunately I have seen a lot of new, beautiful websites that forgot all about UX and only thought about aestetics and creativity. I have been asked to optimize the UX on newly designed websites, as it was a product on a shelf.

As a digital designer I had to add UX to my title, so clients don’t only think of me as a stylist that springle colors and creativity on websites, but also has the passion for solving users problems.

We as designers are the only ones that can change the way people think of design in the industry.

Thank you for starting the movement!


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