If you can pay $7.99 for Netflix, you are ad-free.
If you can pay $10 for YouTube, you are ad-free.
If you can pay $4.99 for Spotify, you are ad-free.
If you can pay $8.99 for Twitch, you are ad-free.
Major newspapers are already exploring ad-free digital subscriptions. 
Won’t be long until Facebook offers ad-free.

People are willing to pay to stop advertising from interrupting them. People hate ads no matter how much they might laugh at them but they do love brands.

Isn’t it time for brands to become significant in people’s lives instead of interrupting people?

Brands are averaging 45 social media post a month. This is crazy! Brands like Nike and McDonalds have only 3 posts this month. Your brand is not interesting enough to interrupt a person 45 times in a month and any agency telling you otherwise has no clue how to achieve the desired behaviours brands should want from people. #brandlove

Originally write by me in 2015, Joah Santos https://lnkd.in/ez6gwy5