Excellent article!
Guillermo Granda

Hey Guille, great insights! For sure losing one’s job is now one of the great dramas we live today (or not being able to find one). In fact this crisis people experiment (me included) about the uncertainty to define ourselves through a job is one of the greatest barriers we can face.

It’s because of that that things like Trump giving air to the coal industry happen. People demand jobs. It’s not only that they need them so survive (economically) but also to feel part of something bigger.

One of the pieces I left out of the article was a reflection made by Hanah Arendt on her book “The human Condition” about identity and work. For her Work was not to be a source of identity but a barrier to true human fulfillment. so for her identity was to be separated from anything related to production or consumption.

Of course that opens an interesting discussion on the difference of “work” and “occupation”. And for me this might be key to understand how the transition in the identity challenge might be completed.

So, for me, in the long run is mora about “being happy” eliminating the “work” from the equation. Kind of that famous quote about finding a Job you love to avoid working a single day of your life. Instead of working, being occupied.

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