8 Ways to Heal & Find Happiness Again After Breakup

While time does eventually heal all wounds, there are some specific things we can do to find our footing again. Here are my top 8 ways to find happiness after a breakup.

1. Gratitude

So first off, if you’ve got it bad, I mean the really bad: I can’t get out of bed, I just want to exist on pizza and ice cream from the comfort of my sheets for the next 3 years sort of bad~ you’ve got to set the tone for the day the second you open your eyes.

Think of 10 things you’re grateful for in life before your feet even hit the ground when you wake in the morning. Your gratitude may only truly be that the sky is blue and you’re breathing; but you’ve still got to get yourself into the process of feeling gratitude.

One of the most important keys to emotional freedom during rough times is found in setting the tone for the day by giving your brain something positive to work with. Don’t step one bare foot out of bed until you’ve done this first exercise. I want you to count 10 things in your life that you’re grateful for before getting up and beginning your day.

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