What Are You Doing Medium?
Alex Valaitis

Alex, I thought your piece on Medium was quite good but I strongly disagree about the concept of the Clap Feature. It’s just not clearly defined.

I think your piece covers your own issues but doesn’t include the issues of others — which you’d not likely know anyway.

I wrote a piece that covers some of them here:

I gave you five claps because for me it equals five stars. Which is exactly my point. Additionally, when I look at my stats, I can’t see the number of claps I get for anything I write. Instead I get “fans”! I have no idea what that means, how fans are determined, what they mean, and how they relate to claps, or views or reads… et al

By the way, I loved the green logo, and I find the new logo just ordinary and boring!

I hope you’ll read my piece and take into account those issues experienced by other Medium writers/Readers. Thanks!

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