President Trump went further, not only promising Gov. Abbot vital help in the form of federal disaster relief funds, but also in making contacts with television bigwigs and collaborating on a prime time show together. The president suggested they call their reality TV concept, “Donald Trump To The Rescue!”
Trump Says His Experience Draining The Swamp Makes Houston “A No-Brainer”
Allan Ishac

Allan, a “No-Brainer” is a perfect way to describe Trump’s thought process. Or lack there of!

Trump wants so much to be liked, to be thought of as the hero of everything, that my educated guess for his next move will be to make an emergency call to North Korea’s Supreme Commander, Kim Jong Un, begging him to bring at least part of his 5,900,000 military men to Texas to have them bail the flooded waters into their missiles, and shoot them over Japan…thus draining the Texas swamps using Trump’s unparalleled genius to do so.

Then the two will agree to a bi-country Reality TV Show — “Donny & Kimmy”— which will actually cause crazy Kim to give madman Trump the respect they each desperately crave!

Of course Kim’s quid pro quo would be that Trump would have to get the same hair cut as Kim Jong Un before their first pilot tv appearance. Just before the 2020 election! 😱