Backbone Replacement Therapy Kicks In One Year Too Late For Key Republicans
Allan Ishac

Backbone Replacement Therapy might have worked if, as you say, they started getting help about a year or so earlier. And that would have been something they would have done willingly… for the good of their constituents. But nah…

I think, however, that Trumpism has (led by Trump but also perhaps with the help of the GRU) secretly hypnotized and performed surgery on the entire Republican portion of the Congress (except Corker & Flake; McCain’s a special case); and this “Operation Trumpism” has left them all with Frontal Lobotomy Syndrome.

More specifically, these weak, weasel-minded piss-ants have had those parts of their brains removed which allowed them to focus on morality, ethics and conscience-driven thinking. The result, very deliberate in its intent, was to ensure that none of these elected officials were able to remember the solemn oaths they took to protect the Constitution, the Country and the American people. What WAS left in their almost empty brains-turned-to-mush was greed, abject and irrational fear of losing their jobs and the essential ability and DESIRE to kiss the orange-tinted lard-ass sitting in the Oval Office.

And so the once Republican Party has now successfully been scientifically and quite successfully morphed into the Party of Trumpism. Based purely on evil, madness and malignant narcissism.

So what’s next? Crumbling democracy. Reversal of all reasonable across-the-board legislations. Loss of our standing as an admired leader on the world stage. Wars, possibly nuclear. Lots of guns sold to crazy people. Internment Camps. Resurgence of racism in all its ugliness. White Supremacy will grow. Misogyny will become the norm. Grab em by the pussy will be accepted, never questioned. The rich will get richer.

And, by some miracle, at some point in the future, maybe the Democrats will get smart…