Entertainment Industry Cancels All TV And Film Projects Involving Men
Allan Ishac


Allan, you and other writers have made one thing very clear: Men in Power, Men in the eyes of the public seem to have born with several malfunctioning synapses. The result being that they are insecure, mostly unattractive, absent of all empathy, wealthy enough so they think they can buy themselves out of law suits, and possess such an arrogance that they believe they will never be held accountable for their unacceptable behavior towards women.

The clearest example of this is the orange misfit people still call our president. But he is nothing more than a sexual predator who must be held accountable for the sexual assaults to which he freely (and proudly) admits — including the 13+ women who have openly accused him. Until he is punished, all other levels of sexual misconduct will just be treated as absurd afterthoughts!

My solution is to have the women in Congress (clearly they’ll have to be Democrats) to create, pass and enact legislation that, for every man found guilty by the Ethics Committee for putting their dicks where they did not belong, would be immediately CASTRATED.

Then I would suggest that this same law be expanded to all men found to be sexual predators in ANY WORKPLACE. Castration. Then let’s see how many of these revolting creeps continue to pull it out of their pants, grope where they shouldn’t be groping, et al.

Your photos of the men already being accused is scary enough. But how about giving us a real up-to-date Predators Rogue‘s Gallery with their names so we can all know exactly who they are, so far, and begin to boycott whatever they do to make a living.

The women’s #Resistance would be with you all the way. We know you’re a Satirist (and a brilliant one) but this has become such an enormously serious issue which must continue to be front page news.

Thank you for all you’ve already done in the name of Truth in Satire!

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