“More specifically, these weak, weasel-minded piss-ants have had those parts of their brains…
Linda Fish

I don’t disagree with your assessment of all of those ass-kissing followers who have joined the evil, unfit, extremely dangerous Trump.

My point — which I obviously did not make clearly enough — is that, with few exceptions, we all are born with the variety of brain functions intact. Even in the cases of bad nurturing, children have gone on to become mentally and emotionally well structured individuals. They did not start out being heartless, selfish weasels! That is learned behavior.

Although I am a life long Democrat, I believe there are also good, well-intentioned people who are Republicans, despite the deep divide between policy (and recently, moral) differences.

My comment regarding the Frontal Lobotomy Syndrome was satirical — an alternative to Allan Ishac’s Spineless Replacement Therapy — also satirical!

I loath Trump more than I can even express here. He is a danger to all of us as are his useless ass-kissing followers & joiners. I did not mean to imply that they were in any way better than their unfit leader.