Is This a Medium Glitch or Is Someone Stalking Me?
Jk Mansi

Jk Mansi Juhi, A Maguire Toni, having just read everyone’s comments, I can’t say I understand the technical issues — but I CAN say, without question, that someone thinks my Claps are a lot like potato chips … “you can’t eat just one” … because mine are disappearing as fast as a bunch of kids munching away at a Party.

AND, they are not discriminating between those Claps behind the PayWall or the freebies. They’re just disappearing like f**kin’ snowflakes. Excuse the mixed metaphors.

I posted a new poem via Lit Up the other day and I supposedly received lots of Claps but only a few showed on the actual poem itself. I then rebooted my iPad and voila, more Claps appeared. But NOT on my desktop computer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As far as receiving any payments from Medium… that’s a joke! It’s as if suddenly no one reads anything I put behind the PayWall, despite my seeing a few Claps here and there for a few things. So I do have $4.37 to show for a whole helluva lot of Reads minus their Claps.

Maybe I, too, am being stalked?