One Bad Internet Date And Now This Woman Won’t Leave Me Alone
Allan Ishac

Okay, Allan, I’m sorry but I have to ask this: Did you do this dating thingy as a lark? Or were you seriously “looking for love”… or maybe just a booty call? (You don’t really have to answer). But you don’t seem like the type (from your writings) that would be going on the internet for a date. Instead, I imagine you surrounded by throngs of smart, funny, lovely women panting at the thought of a night out with Allan Ishac.

Ha! Your probably married with 12 kids…

The pic with you and long legs… well you looked kind of silly but really cute. She clearly must have been on stilts, not just high heels. (I’m sensitive about height because, on a good day, I’m exactly 5 feet short)!

This is a really, really long way of saying 🙄 that I laughed like hell while reading “One Bad Internet Date”. And if long legs is still stalking you… I have your back! All five feet of me.

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