Attack of the AltLeft Freaks
Richard Wilkins

Should I feel left out that I wasn’t included in the alt-left “hate list”?

Nope! Glad I wasn’t included. I’m not a Berniecrat in every sense of that word. Actually, I detest the man. And have felt this way for decades. His lack of accomplishments is legendary. His pie in the sky ideas could never pass legislation nor be implemented. They’re just loud Stump Speeches. Or variations of one stump speech.

But I think we’re talking here about apples and oranges. Bernie Sanders, his BernOrBust Groupies and the cult of his Democratic Socialists (the rose 🌹 nuts) have nothing to do with the Democrats or our Liberal Party.

Bernie likes to call his gang The Progressive Revolution. This is not an issue of semantics. It’s an issue of policies and, excuse the expression, “style”. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He’s a fuck-you registered Independent. He never wanted to ever register as a Democrat but had no problem grabbing on the coat tails of the Dem Party only for the purpose of running his 2016 campaign: using our money, our mailing lists, our brand. Yet Bernie never misses a chance to trash Democrats, Democratic policies, all by yelling and flailing and lecturing on how only he (the messiah) can turn our Party around. Bernie Sanders wants nothing more than to be the LEADER of our Party. But he absolutely refuses to register as a Democrat, breaking several promises to do so.

In the middle of his 2016 campaign he actually re-registered as an Independent for his 2018 Senate run, knowing he’d lose the election.

And now, continuing to screw around with the Democrats, he’s running his 2020 campaign NOT as an Independent, not as a Green Party (🌻) member, not starting his own Socialist Party (🌹), but, again, as a hanger-on.

Democrats have a lot of work to do. We don’t need Bernie in the mix. He’s divisive and embarrassing and prevents the Party from recovering from the disastrous 2016 loss and unifying around our Liberal message. He can keep his “hate lists” to the real haters and leave the rest of us the hell alone!

If Bernie wants to be President, he should start his own damn Party of wack job Socialists, or go home.

We Liberal Democrats will do far better without him!

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