The president went on to say that if he didn’t have to wait for Congress to vote on his initiatives, or answer to the American people, “I could have repealed Obamacare, passed tax reform, built my wall, and bombed the crapola out of Commander Kimchee over there in Korea just a few days after my incredibly well-attended inauguration. At least we’re still getting the amazing ratings, but I won’t be satisfied until I’ve made America great again for every citizen — whether they’re white or other shades of light.”
Trump Says He Would Be A More Effective Leader If This Was 1930’s Germany
Allan Ishac

This is just so perfect, Allan…so perfect that I’m pretty sure Trump takes a few minutes each 3:00 AM, calls you on his iPhone in between tweets and whispers his thoughts into your satirical ear because he thinks every one of your pieces is a yuuge compliment to him. I’m right, aren’t I…?

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