Sanders…he has great ideas…the same ideas that he has proposed for years in Congress…but they never came to pass…a lot of talk but no walk and…on a personal level he came across, to me, as too curmudgeonly at times during his campaign…but his personality was rarely questioned, while Clinton couldn’t lift a eyebrow or sneeze without someone going on and on about how unlikeable she was. Really? Sanders personality is not exactly likeable either…the only reason so many went gaga over him (myself included…at first) is because he said all the things that understandably angry and fed up people wanted to hear and was promising a lot of things that he would have never been able to deliver. Can you imagine what the reaction would have been if Clinton had acted as Sanders did? She could have never gotten away with that kind of attitude…and still have supporters.
Sheesh, I consider myself a centrist democrat and my ideology is not as you described.
Irene Brooks

Were it not for Bernie Sanders and his cult of “revolutionaries”, were it not for his BernOrBust and “NeverHillary” groupies, were it not for Comey and the “emails” crap, were it not for already proven Russian help in meddling in our election, were it not for rampant misogyny, Hillary Clinton would be our POTUS today. We needed Hillary desperately! We lost her to a corrupt, totally fucked up election.

And today we suffer under the monstrous incompetence of an evil and egomaniacal Trump, his Crime Family and the fascist administration which is destroying Democracy as we watch it crumble before our very eyes.

As a lifelong Democrat, we better get our asses in gear and kill it for 2018 and 2020. But I fear it’s already too late.

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