Writing Cuz I have to…
Jerry Nehr, Soul Food

Yes. If we are writers, it seems so many of us are in that same rocky boat. On those days when a blank page is all I see, I’ve learned to write down whatever the hell is in my head…even if it’s total crap, unrelated, and WTF! But it loosens the synapses!

I don’t care how it sounds. That always comes later. It’s a start that comes from somewhere deep, deep down. Those “thoughts” _will_ make themselves known through some measure of clarity… eventually into something meaningful. Perhaps even important. Or not. It doesn’t matter. Because that’s what writing is!

I let characters and situations take me where they want me to go. I give them the freedom to have lives of their own. That works for me.

Why do I need to write? Feel like I haven’t showered if I don’t write everyday? Because a) I know someone, somewhere is listening, or will be listening; b) It’s the best catharsis I know; c) It’s fun; d) it’s also painful; e) It’s the grownup thing to do; f) Lastly, writing _is_ what I do!

Your piece is inspiring. Thank you!

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