The digital transformation in facility management is no longer a matter of yes or no. With the rapid pace of technological growth and the disruption in almost every business field, no industry will remain untouched. It means that also traditional businesses based on people relationships will be forced to become more data-driven and automated. If firms remain stagnant, they run the risk of being disrupted and pushed out of the market.

#1item on the boardroom agenda: Impact of digital technology on the business model.

EY Survey, Global Capital Confidence Barometer (April 2017)

The property management industry is no different. Especially in the field of building maintenance. Neglecting recent changes can bring business risks such as costs of delayed work, insufficient quality of services or constant employee training. FM needs to adapt to both the workforce and technological changes to become competitive the way modern customers expect. …

Coming up with a bright product idea is a dream of many entrepreneurs. Sadly, our experiences show that only a handful of them focus on idea validation. In the result, their products vanish from the market not only because the idea was bad from the start but because it was not taken seriously. Idea validation is the first step to create a serious product you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

What you’ll learn about idea validation in this article:

  • Four questions you need to answer to make sure your idea makes sense.
  • What are personas and why it makes sense to build them?
  • How to easily check on your competition? …

The best things in life begin with a dream. Then the dream turns into an idea, and the idea is shaped into something tangible. That’s how it works, at least how we believe it works. The reality is more down-to-earth, though. Especially if you dream of building a mobile or web application.

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I’ve talked to tens of entrepreneurs who jumped on a call with a software house right after they shouted Eureka! in their bathrooms. The outcome was nothing that they’ve expected. Instead of telling them the cost and time of building a mobile application, I left them with a long list of questions and no estimation. They quickly realised that the sudden thrill for their new app brought them nothing solid. …

Developing custom software requires hours of discussions, planning and feedback calls. Plus, as a project manager, you’re always between the devil (client) and the deep blue sea (development team). Fortunately, there are ways to leave the hassle behind. In this post, we will discuss what to do to build successful communication with clients during projects. What you’ll get in return are informed, up to date and happy customers.

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Before the project

The road to a successful project starts long before the development. I’m not mentioning sales talks here but the onboarding session. We usually take three to five days with a client to understand the project domain. …

When you’re building a web or mobile application, there are tens of things you need to think of: what problem it solves, who will use it, how to market and monetise and many more. Next to these strategic business challenges, there are also those connected with the quality of software development process. Even if you’re not a developer, you want to release a product that is maintainable and coded in a rational and predictable way.

How to check if you’re keeping the quality of software development process?

As much as every project is individual, the process of development doesn’t have to be. …

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End of Q4 — magical time to predict and prepare for the upcoming year. What’s going to be trendy in 2018, which trends will be fading and what companies should start preparing for to be competitive? Let’s see.

When searching for surveys and forensic for 2018, I couldn’t resist the thought that it’s the same as 2017. No wonder — the biggest trends won’t disappear from year to year. They will keep on gaining momentum instead. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality were on the lips of the speakers of Web Summit (one of the biggest tech conferences) in 2016. Since then, we have been observing how the ideas affected businesses, how they drilled into application design and development. The upcoming year will bring us more tech in tech. …

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Compared to Western European or American companies, the region of CEE is not only cost-effective, but also planted with software talents Western Europe seems to slowly lack.

Among all software outsourcing destinations, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) seems to be on a constant rise with Poland closing the top 10 at A.T. Kearney Global Service Location Index and 4 more (Russia, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria) in top 20 leaving other European countries behind on the scale. Studies by Tholons confirm Poland’s position.

Talent pool

According to GUS (Central Statistical Office of Poland), software engineering and computer science faculties are on the rise of popularity among all university faculties in Poland. GUS states that in 2015 there are more than 65 thousand computer science students in Poland, which brings computer science to the second place of most popular faculties, after management. …

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It’s a National Holiday. One of those when all businesses from apparel to zoological shops are closed. How great that we have online shopping and booking! They’re open 24/7. I’m unlucky enough to need a car. Today and desperately. So I pick one of car rentals and… right. That’s where my experience starts.

The offer seems fine. Man! Better than in other car rentals I was browsing for. Reasonable pricing and option of return in a different location. Even on the other side of the country. Exactly what I was looking for. Full of hope and almost with the feeling of accomplishment, one by one I insert my personal details. Then the card number. Just like the manual says. Now I’m only one step away from a happy face. …

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Economy, convenience, expertise — benefits of working with nearshore developers are plenty, and attractive pricing is just one of them. Many companies, however, are still wary of outsourcing and prefer to develop in-house.

Most of the typical concerns regarding outsourcing can be dispelled by deciding on nearshore rather than offshore. Or, in other words, using the services of a company which is within the same or adjacent time zone. We say: in nearshore outsourcing, there is nothing to be afraid of and the disadvantages are dwarfed by advantages.

We believe outsourcing to a nearshore company in Poland is not only a good idea business-wise. We actually think that working with such a partner is not much different from working with your in-house team. …

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A well-defined and measurable sales process can not only help you increase sales and margins, but also streamline your organization as a whole. Here are some best practice guidelines to help you re-think your business and implement a successful sales process in your organization.

Sales matter

Don’t make the #1 mistake of all software houses. To be really successful, you have to take your primary focus away from technology and projects. Do not leave the sales lingering on your “yes, we’ll do it one day” list forever. It is really important to set up an effective sales process from the get-go. …


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