Keks Ackerman: Using our digital mindset to build a healthy society

For some months now I have incubated a new project together with a group of friends. It’s called Das Dach. I’m not going to write anything about it yet (you’ll have to wait a few more weeks), but today I want to share one part of the new venture, which I am very excited about.

Keks Ackerman

Let me introduce you to Keks Ackerman. She’s something like Das Dach’s “thinker and writer in residence”. Keks calls herself “a metamodern writer, and entrepreneur, building a healthy society and economy.” She has just published Future Sensor, a series of four articles (to be continued), which I very much like to draw your attention to.

What is so special about Keks and Future Sensor?
For quite some time I have been looking for someone who writes comprehensively about the topics I care about. Someone who “connects the dots” between digitisation, social innovation, entrepreneurship and spiritual sensibility. Someone who develops a vision of the kind of society we as innovators, entrepreneurs, policy makers can aspire to and turn into reality.

Now Keks Ackerman is doing just that.

The first suite of articles outlines a bold framework for innovation and gives us an orientation, a map, which we can use to develop, fine-tune or challenge new companies, products and services. Do they contribute to the old operating system and lead to increased inequality, human alienation and ecological degradation? Or are they stepping stones for a healthier society, benefitting humans and the planet?

Keks takes a serious look at digitisation. Not just at the new tools and business models, but at the deeper changes accompanying our era. She looks at the potential of our evolving digital mindset and draws out attention to subtle developments, to the new emerging human subjectivities and capacities.

For me, what is particularly outstanding, is the fact that Keks takes both external systems level changes serious AND connects them to the inner dimension of life: the search for meaning, the experience of human maturity, the hunger for transformation.

Please take a look at the first four articles of Future Sensor. It’s probably best to start with the first “Sensing the Future”, move on to “Digital Dynamics” and “Where do we come from? Where are we going? and end with “The Ecology of Innovation”.

I am curious to hear your feedback.

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