*You are receiving this note because I value your contribution as part of my wider community of practice.

Dear Community,

A thought to share that I am excitingly exploring new professional adventures!

Over the last few weeks, after completing my PhD thesis, I took my time to transition.

Now, I have opened up more space for collaborations, new business and to co-create meaning.

This note serves to share the things I am creating and the opportunities I am seeking as designer-researcher.

Here is an invitation.


After landing in London from Indonesia, I submitted my PhD Thesis in design research at…

“the story becomes the thing we tell ourselves the next time we need to make a choice.” arrived in my inbox this morning from Seth Godin.

A life choice is like a design process choice.

And if we see life as just a happening, like Alan Watts described [among others] a collection of events that will inevitably take place, the learning we are here to do is how to respond, interpret and derive meaning from as to design our next interaction [intervention rather].

These memories Seth Godin refers to will ultimately be what we store in our intelligent hard body…

The neo-definition of narcissism, I feel is the inability to apply in practice the grander purpose of giving Love beyond the Return On Investment for the Self. Narcissism, deriving from Greek Narkissus was a mythological concept appropriated into english in 19th century. Presently, in the mighty entrepreneurial pursuit of a techno-enlightened humankind, it can only be defined as the lack of skill-set in emotional intelligence to distinguish between Self-love and Self-centredness. The failure to distinguish between nurturing the Self and extracting all shining minerals from the core of the Other. It is the practice of objectifying what is most preciously…

The strangest insights come to my mind during Savasana post Ashtanga yoga and I find myself typing up clumsy thoughts, but this one I’d like to share. Today it was about my Tribe.

Someone asked me recently “what’s your itch? What’s your insateable itch in Life?”. Maybe my itch could never be resolved alone. it is part of something bigger than just myself, it’s something collective, someting complex and interconnected. I’ve come to see that my itch, my itch for what I want to discover out of life, is so closely tied into that itch of My Tribe.

The Tribe…

Dr. Joana Casaca Lemos

Design Research Consultant. Special Projects Only. www.joanacasacalemos.com

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