An Open Letter to the Craftivism Movement
Julia Feliz

Ellen Luckett Baker I find it problematic that the main focus of your comment seems to be about the need to make white people comfortable by not calling them out when they try but fail; by not questioning them when they can wear a pin but can’t speak up against racism in their daily life; by worrying that we shouldn’t silence white voices (which have always been the loudest, so I’m pretty sure don’t need help being heard most of the time). The onus should be on white people — to read, research and learn to do better. Not on people of colour to tiptoe around our feelings. And I’m not saying I’m perfect. In fact, I’ve been called out and deservedly so. Did I feel defensive at first? Of course. My identity was being put into question. My comfort was being put out of place. My sense of self was being threatened. So what? It’s OUR job to do the work and fight for what we believe is right — even if that makes for some awkward family dinners or online feuds. Because some things are too big to just hope for the best.

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