Why not make 2018 such a year too?

I have decided that I will create a new section on my website. Design Salad wouldn’t be a blog but instead a series of short articles.

2017 was a year that I don’t have enough words to describe!

I would love to be able to go back in time, but the truth is that everything that happened in 2017 influenced me in many ways, a year that was above my expectations and full of surprises.

The past year started with a visit to CERN where I spent an incredible week, I visited Atlas and strolled in the corridors where the web was born, I was at IdeaSquare to develop a robot without knowledge of electronics and I was offering chocolates and hugs in exchange for help. Soon after CERN I traveled to San Francisco where I was surrounded by more than 200 students from all over the world who belong to the SUGAR Network, who believe that having an open mindset for companies is crucial. Back in Portugal, at Porto Design Factory we decided to celebrate pyjama day, there’s definitely a special energy that infects anyone who’s there. I went to Australia, to Design Factory Melbourne, to work with my team on the project we’re developing for Sonae MC, two incredible weeks where I saw landscapes that I’ll never forget, I saw kangaroos and animals that in Europe don’t exist and my desire in the end was to stay there.

Upon returning to Porto Design Factory, one of my second homes this year, my team entered on the final stretch to finish the project for Sonae MC and prepare the presentation in Silicon Valley, without forgetting that I also aimed to finish the Evolution Chair, the project of my master’s thesis. We concluded and presented the project in Silicon Valley and at the end I set out for a roadtrip in the USA with friends. I returned to Portugal knowing that with the end of the course coming, Porto Design Factory would be less present on my daily routine, and I would have to start the crazy rhythm of ballet rehearsals for my other second home, the Estúdio de Dança Margarida Valle, due to our show by the end of the school year. Being fully aware that the future was going to be completely different, because when I came back from the USA I brought with me a job offer to work in Germany.

During the summer I traveled through the Baltic Sea and felt the heat of Barcelona. I moved to Germany and started a new adventure, in a new country that I never even imagined.
It was undoubtedly a year where everything happened and if I could I would repeat it again, I met people from all over the world and made friends for life who are also as curious as me and they desire as much of the world as me.

Why not make 2018 such a year too?

I have decided that I will create a new section on my website. This wouldn’t be a blog but a series of short articles.

Writing brings me good memories of when I was a kid and I wrote in my personal diary or in my shared diary with friends to talk about our week. These little gestures are part of what I am today, and they make me want to know more of the world and want to share more with the world too.

With this series of short articles I intend to leave a footprint and somehow be part of something that makes a difference.
I believe communication and sharing are the most powerful tools available to everyone. Welcome to Design Salad, series of short articles where I’ll share my thoughts with you.


Want to talk? I’m Joana and I’m always interested in meeting new people and hearing a new story.

Be nice, work hard, make friends and grab a beer or an ice cream.