Are You Waiting For A Messiah?

The Messiah is Here But Nothing Like Anything You Would Expect. 
 His Story would make you cringe in disbelief and withdraw, 
 while nodding your head in scorn. He would have it no other way. 
 All The Glory Is God’s. 1111

We are living in times of unprecedented hubris, outrageous hypocrisy and government by rampant venal interests. Things are getting better all the time, anyway. Humanity is a Divinely Designed ever improving evolutionary work in process. The sheer exponential growth of population, longevity, health, access to education and potential for self expression in the last centuries, are evidence for this.There is still a great journey ahead until the prophecies of The Hebrew Bible concerning a global commonwealth of nations manifest as peace on earth.What does one do in the mean time, particularly as things are about to get much worse, before they get forever better?
 Enjoy the ride the best you can.

There is a method to what appears to be the madness of current events. There is a purpose to your being exposed to all this encroaching chaos. You are meant to be a witness and a scribe, describing in your own mind the ever growing evidence for Divine Design and Artistic Intent.

God is The Artist and You are both the materiel with which he works His Art and His Audience. The purpose of your life is to find how God manifests His Creative Will as an aesthetic experience for yourself, designed to stretch your mind and make you ever more able to contain the Glory of His Works in your grateful heart.

Not everything is beautiful, no, many things are outright disturbingly ugly. By confronting the ugly scenes of wanton mayhem manifesting on the screens of your digital devices first, and then the real world around you, you are facing the self evident truth that God is the cause of not only all we see as good, but also all we see as evil.

The Number 11 Represents One God and You 
 The Number 11 Symbolizes God And You
 There is only One God. One Cause. One Creative Will. Human will always acts according to God’s design. Freedom of choice neither surprises God nor disappoints Him. Whatever a man chooses to do, whatever a woman decides to enact, it is all an unfolding manifestation of Divine Intent. To think otherwise is to deny the Singularity of Divinity and that can only lead to chaos and confusion.

God is On Both Sides of Every Conflict 
 There is no war between Good and Evil. No war between Light And Dark. There is only your own struggle to encompass ever more life in your own heart, to cherish it and nurture it all, as you acquire wisdom regarding how to do so, when dealing with conflicting interests and limited resources.
 You are a custodian for all living things. That no one does anything but manifest their God given nature, doesn’t mean you are supposed to let criminals run amuck or psychopaths wreck havoc. They are to be prevented from infringing on other’s well being and confined when necessary, rehabilitated where possible, but never hated. Sometimes people must be killed when there is no other feasible way of preventing them from killing others. The only justifiable violence is that which is perpetrated against those who insist on violent self serving coercion against other’s human rights.

There will always be conflicting interests. Wisdom can resolve all conflict between people who recognize the sanctity of life when governed by laws that defend inalienable human rights and ethics.
 If you are waiting for a Messiah of some kind to come and teach the world how to bring about peace on earth, that Messiah is here. Your mind however is not yet flexible enough to recognize him for who he is and how his work will be done. He is absolutely different from anything you expect and his story is such as would repel you with disbelief. Your reaction to him would be to shake your head and withdraw in scorn. He would have it no other way, for all the Glory is God’s.