You, whoever you are, are hereby informed that this man is a Super Hero Radical Prophet of Doom And Gloom With precisely the right instructions for believers and non believers alike. Do your best to use the time you have left to make the best of every moment, moment to moment, the very best you can, as long as you never lose your breath. I mean it. Go, But Go Slow. Enjoy The Scenery. There Will Be Signs And Wonders For Those Who Don’t Deny The Creator Will Be What I Will Be 11:11 has become 1111 .

The time is now, the day is today, this is the hour, this is the moment, for you to do everything you possibly can, to make it all better and better, despite any and all bad news, and the news will get bad and then worse, and then after it is so bad you don’t have time to watch the news……… will get literally wilder than your wildest imaginations, definitely awful, but not necessarily ever beyond bearable, and life will go on, not all will die, you and your loved ones might live, if you Believe and Have Faith in My God of Art 1111 !