9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Children Playing Outdoors

You might have noticed that great fun in the outdoor actives with your kids, no matter in the summer or in another season of the year.

As long as have nice & cozy weather, we all love spending time in the outdoor, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the nature.

I feel the same here.

As busy parents, have you ever notice what kind of health benefits when you playing outdoor with your kids?

Today, we’re going to learn 9 amazing health benefits of children playing outdoors.

Benefit 1. Physically Health

Why people need physical activity or exercise?

It’s simple. “ It’s good for our health”


You must have experience that your heath condition improves a lot after a period of consistency exercise.

No matter how old you are, physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits.

You feel better about yourself, it’s obvious to feel sleep well at night, move around more easily and have stronger muscles/ bone and much more.

That’s the same for your children.

Kids are naturally like to play in the outdoor since they still an infant; going out somewhere usually distracted their attention when they’re crying.

When they old enough to play outdoor, you would gladly realize that engage in physical activities in outdoor not only help release children’s excess energy but also can get then into the exercise hobby which will benefit the life-time.

Out of protecting eyes vision purpose and spend less time watching TV, I encourage my two nephews James & Jerry play outside often.

I like bringing them running and biking in the playground or children’s park,

Their muscle coordination and sense of balance improve a lot when it compares to the period that had less outdoors actives.

Besides this, vitamin D absorbs even better while I have one health APP on my phone, I record how much vitamin D our body absorb while playing in the outdoor.

Benefit 2. Improved Behavior

Since your kid was born, he is a part of the family. He is growing up in the family environment and building up their characters.

You start your parent’s journey, one of the biggest challenges every parent face is managing difficult or defiant behavior on the part of children. Whether they’re refusing to have dinner you prepared or behavior bad in the public.

You would realize that behavior management would be learning for most of the new parents.

Playing in the outdoor with your kids would create the opportunity that you spend quality time with your child. Keep your observation into their behavior when they playing alone or playing with other children.

If you will find the bad behavior they had, correct and improve it into positive behavior at the right time.

Don’t judge them in bad language, that’s important, instead, use humor ways to correct them, that would be much easier to accept by your children.

Out door actives can help your children get into another new environment, be understanding when they are nervous because they are trying something for the first time, encourage them to make it and keep trying.

Plus, choosing a parent training program would be an idea that you can learn something in the system.

Why not, check out your local social platforms and see there can have those parents training program and check out what kinds of course, they will teach.

If it will spend too much of your time from the busy schedule, have better communication with other mom who has those experience and seeking help.

I know some wonderful mom/dad who really cares about children personal development and has certain experience on child rising, here are some reference in the UK:

From what I review from their website and the topic they update from time to time, those parents put their heart into family/children indeed. That’s things you and i should learn.

Follow up their social media and keep on enhance your parenting ability.

Follow up their social media and keep on enhance your parenting ability.

For me, I am a fast learner, everything can learn as long as put the heart into things I commit into.

I use to see a quote from somewhere online, open a company is easy, but keep it opens is and art. It’s the same that rising up a kid is an art.

Outdoor active improve your children behavior with your consistency efforts and patience.

Benefit 3. Increased Creativity

Your child’s education stretches far beyond what they can learn from the school, more important part extends into the environments where he/she lives and plays.

Playing in the outdoor with your kids, they can see much more things that happen in their lives and in spirit to create by themselves.

Playing in the outdoor with your kid, they have the chance to get creative in various stations here or there.

Kids can see beautiful and creative things that we cannot see from their small world.

When I bring my nephews playing on the beach. There were digging from the sand, make into the castle, shapes of towers, tunnel and much more.

Even he taught me to dig the sand into several streets as road traffic, and “ drive” the cars on the “ road traffic” in the sand.

It’s a kind of imagination roll play, it’s fun and we enjoy that creativity very much from the view of their world.

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