How to get out of helpless after having bike crash

In the most cycling event, there is medical team out there to support all athletes safety, the paramedics and ambulance are all there with a lot professional treatment in the right time.

BUT, out of the cycling event when you do some regular training with your friends or alone , how to avoid serious injury if you crash from bike? How to get out of helpless feeling after bike crashes happen, no mistake, but we always should learn something from our mistakes or experience, and have safe biking with fun. Here are the tips you can learn before rolling it again.

Slow Down & Stay calm

The inevitable happen out of expectation, first check and make sure you don’t have any major injuries — before you even get off the ground.

Slow down and take your time getting up and moving around. Just be sure you still can move by yourself. You don’t need to jump back on your bike as fast as possible — slow down and assess the damage to yourself and your bike before pedaling off.

During the regular training alone or with team member, no matter who fall the bike, try to stay clam and find the solutions out as best as we can outdoor. If you’re coming to the aid of someone who crashed, stay calm and do your best to keep him or her calm. If you will get the crashed, you read this article or already have enough skill or experience, so you could possible to deal with bike accidents in the right way quickly.

Get out of the road or to the edge of the trail

If you cycling on the road, be sure can get out of the road or to the edge of the rail if you still can move. That could help you to minimize the possibility of being hit by a car/bike if you riding alone. The fast speed car/bike can not stop right away at the moment that drivers realized that there is some barriers on the road suddenly, we need to move to side if fall on the ground if you still can, that must be much safer than stay on the road.

Basic First Aid

First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery. Before the professional medical help being available, at least you can do something by yourself or have first aid kit to help others.

Before you go out for cycling, it’s always good to check the necessary medical components of first aid kit when you have time, and get some of items base on how many people go out for riding together and distance of road trip. If you cycling near by area, it’s ok to have fewer items in your first aid bag rather than will have long distance riding.

— -Clean & protection

use drinking water to get ride of sands and dirty stuff out of your skin quickly, then use Antiseptic Towelettes to clear the wound if you have. If you do not have Antiseptic Towelettes right now, you can use daily toweletters instead of, and try to get Antiseptic Towelettes which design for would for your next trip. We study the most first aid kit in the market, most of the kit only have 2–3 pcs clean pad which is not enough for wounds clean in the reality. We took the real situation into consideration, so that’s why we have doubt quintiles of Antiseptic Towelettes for cleaning. Clearing is the most important for all first aid care.

— — Small & Scratches : use Bandage or plaster which is depended on would situation , if only small one, it’s ok , just let it get recover without any plaster.

— — medium cuts & stop bleeding: Pressure Bandages which have a Non-Adherent Pads that would prevent bandage stick to the wound when it open for professional medical care in the hospital.

First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery.

With a broken hip, you’re not going to be able to stand up. With a broken collarbone you might get up (painfully), but you’ll have a harder time supporting yourself on the bars.

Call for help/ Seek Advice from a Professional

If your crash involves a fall due to a defective condition in the roadway,it’s smart to call to ambulance or police for professional help. They will come to help you as fast as possible. Try to document what happen , where the bike fall happen and your situation of injuries.

Practice crashing

Yes, right. Practice, practice and practice crashing. We can not stop the bad things happen, but before it or experience it once, we can try to avoid it will happen again. Together with your friend, we can do some crashing practice, and feel how to avoid having serious injury next time. Get from skill from practice with fully prepare in the open space or soft ground. To record the video by your phone when your team member do the practice, reply it after that and gain the skill from it.

The key habit to learn is to relax your muscles at the moment of impact. Practice is painful but it does help, and a bit of mountain biking. It defiantly can help make crash prevention better for you on the roads.

Gain more riding skill

Gain more riding skill from your team member or your own experience, and plan ahead. In the riding, when you feel that it’s about out of control , you still have plan B to make have less injury . Like, locking the arm is the chief cause of those collarbone, wrist and shoulder breaks road cyclists are prone to. With a little ‘give’ in your arm you may be able to break the fall without breaking any bones.


The following tips will assist you in avoiding Bike crash in the first place:

1) Slow Down& Stay calm

2) Get out of the road or to the edge of the trail

3) Basic First Aid

4) Practice & Gain more riding skill

Beside above, you still can Improve your safety awreass in your free time. Be sure follow the rules of the road and Fully prepare yourself for bike riding ( bike helmet, bike light , first aid kit, drinking water ect) .Get get Safety checklist and know what to carry when going to your next bike ride.

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