100 Miserable Days.

Day 74.

Where has the romance gone? It’s my fault it has disappeared.I didn’t encourage it and when John tried to be romantic I chastised him or ran away.We used to be very romantic even when we didn’t get a wink of sleep with 4 small children..But as the tiredness took over the romance waned.We invariably woke up with at least 2 of them in our bed and went to bed with another 2 curled up at end of the bed. . A good night’s sleep consisted of 3 uninterrupted hours for me and 9 hours for John.He must have had a slight hearing impairment. as he never heard the children crying.He would wake up most mornings complaining of not having slept well. “Well, if you weren’t asleep, you did a damn. good job of pretending to snore then “I siad. I slept in the cot many nights with whatever child was in it just to escape the snoring. It’s difficult to keep romance alive when you have to keep your eyes open with match sticks and when you see your bed all you can think of is sleep .Sex becomes a distant memory and as a friend says .”Sex?,Ah yes, do ya remember Mary when we used to have that?”or as John likes to joke. every now and then”Will the Olympics be on soon?”Apparently we now have sex every 4 years.That’s because he isn’t taking his memory tablets and can’t remember the last time..I suppose he got fed up trying. I rarely. saw my parents being affectionate to each other but I saw John’s parents being so, many times even after 8 children.I hope, despite my non-romantic attitude. we have shown the boys how to be affectionate to each other and to. whoever they decide to spend their lives with.

I’m off to the Pound Shop to buy a Maid’s outfit to. see if I can rekindle the romantic light. Knowing John he’ll probably hand me the mop and bucket and bag of dusters when he sees me wearing it.

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