You realize that not all black people are African-American right (Example: Haitian, Cuban, Pacific…
Marshall R. Crago

Yes. As an African-American with a mother who actually immigrated from Africa and is pursuing research in Africana studies, I realize that not all black people are African American. That has nothing to do with my argument.

Do you realize how absurd it is for a white person to tell me that I should be offended by myself for calling myself African-American? Do you also realize that the majority of people who were enslaved in this country were from Africa?

No one assumes Irish Americans or Asian Americans or Arab Americans are living some kind of dual life. African American allows me to acknowledge my heritage and my citizenship in the same word.

I honestly don’t understand what your point is with this critique. Are you trying to undercut my logic by making me appear racist? I don’t think you’ll have much success with that.

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