Dooley Media Show & Tell Event

The Dooley Media Show & Tell event was quite an experience, I must say. There were so many things I learned, that I never really knew or thought of before. It was nice to see things from a different perspective rather than a classroom, and from people who actually practice social media marketing, and have wide social media platform as well.

One thing that I took away from this event that really stuck with me was something that Lucrecer Braxton said about podcasting, she mentioned that it is important that you tell your story. It is important that in order to get your audience and communities engaged, you need to tell stories, make it personal so that you differentiate yourself from others. Personally, I wouldn’t start my own podcast, but this tip got me thinking that it this is true with any kind of marketing or brand, you need to be able to have a personality and something to communicate with your viewers or consumers.

Something else that immediately grabbed my attention was something that was mentioned in the beginning, which was that Facebook will eventually be 95% video. This got me thinking as well because as I thought about all the other social media apps, they are also consisting of mainly pictures or videos. Snapchat, Instagram, and even twitter is incorporating more photos and videos, so after he said that it didn’t surprise me. As most people browse through their feeds on Facebook, people mainly stop to look at pictures or videos but very rarely will someone stop to read a long post. What did surprise me was the time frame, he said 4–5 years and thinking about it, I would’ve thought it would be a much faster transition.

Attending the Show and Tell Event clearly caught my attention on a couple topics. It was really interesting how different, yet similar it can be to reach so many people on all these social media platforms. This was definitely information that I can apply in the future.

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