Starbucks Social Media Audit

The company I decided to do for my company audit was Starbucks, this brand is probably quite an obvious one, but after following them for a few months I noticed how successful they are when it comes to their social media strategy. The marketing Starbucks does is extremely innovative, and very engaging with their followers. Their accounts are among the companies that have some of the highest social media followings and the highest Instagram engagement ratio.

After researching online, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter I noticed many interesting things that contributed to their successful marketing strategy. For instance, it is widely known that Starbucks changes their cups every winter. About a year and a half ago the company started to realize that once people completed their drinks consumers saw the cups as a blank canvas and started to draw intricate drawings on them. So Starbucks decided to take this as an opportunity to engage with their customers, they created a crowdsourcing project where they challenged consumers around the world to submit their drawings and Starbucks picked their favorite and then used them on the cups for winter of 2016. This challenge was posted everywhere, their website, Instagram even Facebook. They also featured the winning cups on a stand in all their stores throughout the winter, showing where the chosen winners were from.

Something else I noticed was their colorful lifestyle images of their products on all their platforms, they consistently manage to make their followers crave their product while also making it look like they are receiving a luxury coffee or experience. They keep the followers engaged by creating challenges such as the #starbucksonice campaign that encouraged fans to send in crafty pictures with their iced coffees. The 12 best were regrammed on the Starbucks page. This is a great way to encourage followers to engage with the brand, and it makes it very easy for them due to their high following.

We all know that Starbucks is always coming up with new drinks, whether its seasonal or to put on their menu. Along with making their drinks seem irresistible, they also take advantage of communicating their current promotions on their social media platforms. I think that they’re extremely smart with their marketing, they keep it interesting, reply to comments and always think about their followers. This is probably why they have 13 million followers on Instagram, 36 million likes on Facebook and about 11 million on Twitter. After following/auditing their brand for a while I would say that Starbucks is extremely impressive with their marketing.

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