1 week post op :)

This time last week… Well I was sat in a room at St Richard’s hospital waiting for some news about when it would be my turn for my operation. Feeling anxious, scared and a little excited.

1 week later, it seems to have flown, but also it feels like ages ago! I definitely feel like I am well on my way of healing. I am pretty proud of how well I am doing. I am beginning to reduce/stop my pain relief. I still have a bruised/ aching feeling under my ribs, but that is where the holes are so that is to be expected. I sometimes get some digestive pains, but again, it’s all getting used to a new route and way of working, so again to be expected. My wounds seem to be healing nicely, I saw a nurse yesterday who took a look and said all looked well. With regards food and liquid — I am pretty happy there too. I was getting a little concerned that the food I had prepared I would either not tolerate or would not like anymore! But everything I have prepared has been yummy.

I had made-

  • Cottage Pie
  • Salmon, courgette & fresh tomatoes poached in milk (+bayleaf) with a little pesto.
  • Salmon, courgette & fresh tomatoes poached in milk (+bayleaf) with some cheese.
  • Turmeric and lentil soup (red lentil, roasted carrots & garlic, cumin, mustard seed & coconut milk)
  • Chicken, broccoli, carrots, red pepper poached in milk with a little quinoa and cheese.
Wasn’t expecting to finish this, but I did :)

They are all going down well. I started off with 2 little ice cubes and have now moved onto 3. I am also loving Greek yoghurt, today I crushed 4 blueberries into it which was yummy. I am having roughly 1/4 weetabix, yesterday I struggled a little with it, but I added a tiny bit of extra milk and it helped. The other thing I have tried it a laughing cow cheese triangle. It is a perfect little snack, I had a small amount of marmite on my plate as well for me to dip into, surprisingly yummy!

With regards liquids, that is harder than I thought. As the week has gone on, I am definitely noticing that I am able to physically sip more. I think in the very early days I was scared of damaging or hurting myself. Now, it is a little easier. The trouble I have is fitting it all in with all the rules! Not drinking 30 mins prior or after a meal. So you basically have 1 1/4 hrs without drinking, with 3 meals a day and 2/3 snacks as well. I have not been worrying about the snacks, I have had a cheese triangle one evening, but other than that I’ve not felt hungry and have concentrated on keeping my fluids up. It has only been the last couple of days I can say I have felt I have drunk pretty well, I think roughly 1 litre yesterday. I am finding sugar free squash is easier, so today I have a 600ml bottle of water that I have given myself to drink first before I have some squash. Planning to have this before mid afternoon… will see how that goes :)

I have not had any issues with sleep since the op, the only thing is not being able to lay on my side for any length of time. It just feels like I am squashing my insides!

I am feeling OK, still exhausted, and needing a nap in the afternoon, weather this is from the anesthetic or simple because I am still recovering and not use to the lack of ‘fuel’ I don’t know, but I’m sure this is something that will pass.

Looking forward to how things will improve onto week 2 :)

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